With TV Sinzig, the sports field in Sinzig was cleared of the remains of the floods on the Ahr.
New blog post on InfrastructureHeroes: Microsoft 365 Licence Plans Also available as German translation on InfrastrukturHelden
New Blog post on InfrastructureHeroes: Software management with Chocolatey Also available as German translation on InfrastrukturHelden.
Published an blog post in InfrastructureHeroes - Intune packaging made simple A German Version is available on InfrastrukturHelden.de.
New Article on InfrastructureHeroes: German Federal Office for Information Security (German BSI) security recommendations for Windows 10 German translation is also available on InfrastrukturHelden
Session: Social Media Integration in WordPress Slides available on SlideShare
Co-Organiser of the Cologne WordCamp 2015
Preparations for the MCT Global Summit 2018 had been underway since 2017, with Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany, chosen as the venue for the event. I was part of the main organisers for the event an...
MCT Global Summit 2018, Session "AutoPilot - The power of user-based deployment" Slides available on slideshare. AutoPilot, how it works, where are the gaps and what are the alternatives.
MCT Global Summit 2018, Session "Value-added Trainer - The Hybrid between Trainer and Consultant Slides available on slideshare. Value-added trainer - how trainer offer their students added value. ...
Dell ITPro-Lab Clients - Microsoft Strategie Windows as a Service Session: Windows 10 - Preparation for Inplace Upgrades
Dell ITPro-Lab Clients - Talks & HandsOn Session 2: Modern Management incl. Microsoft AutoPilot, „White Glove“, Windows Provisioning
Azure Global Bootcamp 2020 Session 4: Modern Deployment with Autopilot and Azure AD
Dell ITPro-Lab Client from Home Session 1: Practical Microsoft session by Fabian Niesen • Managing local administrator accounts correctly • Distributing Microsoft Office correctly with Click-2-Run ...
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